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Oct 1


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I can’t stop watching it

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even speedbump gets in trouble



even speedbump gets in trouble



A fire extinguisher… on fire.


A fire extinguisher… on fire.



arise chicken



i like that nintendo have succesfully made isabelle into one of the main characters in the nintendo family in such a short time without it seeming forced

DON’T FORGET VILLAGER TOO though I wish they’d nail down a consistent “official” look

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For those of us who still remember when #Trix first changed from being round to being modeled after fruit shapes, I still think General Mills had a lot of balls (no pun intended) trying to pass off round Trix as new. (at Kroger)

Stores still sell Trix? I was looking for it the other day and it was no longer being carried at the store I was in.

breakfast is ruined



For those of us who still remember when #Trix first changed from being round to being modeled after fruit shapes, I still think General Mills had a lot of balls (no pun intended) trying to pass off round Trix as new. (at Kroger)

Stores still sell Trix? I was looking for it the other day and it was no longer being carried at the store I was in.

breakfast is ruined


Didn’t invite Jerome to the tea party - Follow VinesNow For The Best Vines On Tumblr

POSTAL 2’s Overwhelmingly Positive Super Celebration Sale!



Wow! We are still excited and can hardly believe the tremendous reception we received via the Overwhelmingly Positive review rating on Steam. We are now actually up to 96% positive at the time this was written and we would love that to go even higher. We know many of you out there with your physical copies or otherwise non-Steam copies would love to help us reach for the moon and push that as close to 100% positive as we can get but are unsure of what to do. We realize you probably won’t want to buy it again on Steam just for the sake of doing so or maybe you are waiting for PARADISE LOST to be released before getting around to picking up POSTAL 2 on Steam. Whatever the reason you have for not owning it yet on Steam, now is the perfect time to change that! To show our appreciation to our loyal fans, for the next week POSTAL 2 is on sale for the lowest price it has ever been. EIGHTY PERCENT OFF! That’s right 80% off on the Humble Widget below! For those of you in North America, the sale price is going to be only $2 USD. I mean can you really go without owning POSTAL 2 on Steam when it is down to only $2? The holidays are coming soon. Why not take advantage of our terrific super celebration sale to pick up a bunch of copies to give out to friends. That’s less than the price of a costume DLC for some other games. Think about it, what would you rather have? The Fluffy Bunny Fuzzy Pajamas Outfit that does nothing other than make your character wear an unsightly neon pink outfit with matching slippers (sold separately) or an entire game? The choice is pretty obvious to me. That bunny suit is epic An entire game is much better than some stupid bunny suit! Even Ralphie Parker thinks so! Especially when that game is POSTAL 2!

Still not convinced? Well what about Steam Workshop! Most of those cool mods and add-ons being made by our fans require you to download them from Steam Workshop before you can use them. For only $2 you can play the game with the Pigeon Hunter Mission made by our Workshop Contest winner A-Mod. Do you like playing Engineer in Team Fortress 2? Well you can use MrDownerup’s Wrench mod! Think POSTAL 2 needs more Gibs? Kamek’s Ludicrous Gibs mod will do just that! Remember how awesome that Champ Armor was in our April Fool’s Day joke post? Revenant100 made it a reality along with some of the other jokes we made. There are so many creative and well-made items in the Steam Workshop that enable you to enhance your gameplay that I can’t even list them all here.  Right now there are over 100 things in the Steam Workshop for you to acquire and play with. All of these fun time items can be accessed right now for only $2 USD just by buying POSTAL 2 for Steam!

We here at Running With Scissors would like to thank you again for the Overwhelmingly Positive Reviews! Under the Widget you can read a few more of them.  Some of these reviews have been selected from the social sites and some are replies to our announcement post.

In one week and a day you will be kicking yourself for not buying it while it was 80% off!
King of Steam AND GOG!

I’m really surprised about the bad ratings of this game. I have never seen or heard of Postal 2 until I had bought the movie Postal & this game came with it. I think this is the best game ever, as far as making it for kids, well i have kids, & because of the language & violence I don’t let my kids play it because this is an adult game. now when my kids become a teenager & know not to act out what they see on tv or games then I’ll let them play it. after playing it, then i purchased the Fudge Pack from you(RWS), & it got better accept that sometimes playing it will shut down & I’m having to restart it over, something about security something, the other bad part about the game is that after you pick up a crack pipe or a happy meal, it goes away when you get some money & can’t get it back.

Great game keep up the good work

POSTAL 2 The best game RWS.

I wait for Postal2: Paradise Lost

"Fuck The Haters!" - rich three words spoken by a wise man - AZ, United States

Quote from: Dwayne
Postal 2 Share the Pain is my all time favorite PC game even though that you can play single player but mostly I was wanting to give “PAIN” to those who were playing online and it was so much fun

I was doing that for so many years ago. But anyways to me Postal 2 Share the Pain is one the best games for PC out there. Cause you can’t find anything better that’s more violent than Postal

Quote from: Alex
People who rate Postal 2 low have little to no sense of humor, and the good thing about it is that they’re in the minority.

Quote from: Bruno
A good game deserves a good review.

Quote from: Luca
I must say its a FUCKING nice game.

Quote from: Maxi
Best game ever! I piss on all other games…

Quote from: Five Guys Burgers
Postal 2 is brilliant in it’s own right. Social satire to the extreme.

The gameplay is also very fun if you aren’t weak of stomach, I mean, the animation for burning people alive is pretty graphic to me at least, but whatever.

The main character is a riot, very fun protagonist and cool phrases.

Overall, it’s a blast. Play it.

Quote from: SwMt | Flasher
One of my favorite games. I played it like 7 years ago and I was so happy that steam allowed this game to play here.

Single player is point of this game. Its so fun and you can do everything what you want.

You can go in every house in city or you can do missions which are really fun. Game is old but still one of the best games so far! Single player is pretty long and you have 5 days (7 days with DLC). Every day have 3-4 missions. Missions are so fun so you will enjoy in game a lot.

They also added multiplayer mode which is also really fun and simple to play with other people on steam.

Game is worth of money and i recommend this game to everyone who wanna have fun and enjoy in game because you can do everything what you want.

Quote from: KurtyTooBusy
This game is a want and a need.

Quote from: Lord Rhapthorne
Great Game, open world, very much blodd gore and gibs, strange WTF story, just epic

Quote from: Transportation Advisor
This game is basically the Id of an early 2000s straight white American male encapsulated in its purest unadulterated form.

Quote from: Sagittarius
Go grab some milk, confess at the church, have an Xmas tree… What could possibly go wrong?

This game is fantastic. You will play it for its humor, the many ways you can escape from conflicts, or fight them. No words can express how I love this game. This is just over the top, everytime, whatever you do.

This game cannot be explained with words, you MUST try it.

Quote from: Mr Gh0st
Wonderful, charming and lovely game.

It gonna teach you the way you have to be in life : peaceful with people.
Don’t forget to pee and the flowers will grow !


a post-apocalyptic survival horror simulator




My Neighbor Hanako-chan

This was really cute until it turned into a hentai.


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I reblogged that thing but didn’t get a free inbox skeleton. So disappoint.

Yeah, where the hell is my skeleton??

If I knew where my skeleton was then I could have avoided a lot of strife in my life.



I always think of Tumblr people as being like Elder Scrolls NPCs. I know they’re supposed to be individuals with their own personalities, but they all just keep repeating the same phrases over and over again.

This is brilliant.